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Festivals & Foodie-vents


Once a month we pull out all the stops on a crazy-cool food festival featuring a one-of-a-kind specialty menu! That's two days of live music, fantastic food and BOB fun! Our regular menu is always available during festivals, so you'll never have to go without your Crawfish Enchiladas.

You'll have butter up to your ears for Crab Leg Festival; have the warm fuzzies for Comfort Food Festival; think you're in the bayou with Crawfish Festival and Boil. Why try only one when you can try all 12?! Preferred seatings are encouraged and welcome for all food festivals, so give us a call at 314-621-8811 to make yours.

Beer and wine dinners, specialty menu releases, Happy Hour events and more -- something new and fun is always rolling out at Broadway Oyster Bar, so keep us on your radar!

Friday, March 8th, 5-11P &

Saturday, March 9th, 12-11P

Fish Fry Festival


Friday, April 12th, 5-11P &

Saturday, April 13th, 12-11P

Crawfish Festival


Friday, May 10th, 5-11P &

Saturday, May 11th, 12-11P

Crawfish Festival


Friday, June 14th, 5-11P &

Saturday, June 15th, 12-11P

Crab Festival


Friday, July 19th, 5-11P &

Saturday, July 20th, 12-11P

Shrimp Festival


Friday, August 23rd, 5-11P &

Saturday, August 24th, 12-11P

Taco & Po’Boy Festival


Friday, September 27th, 5-11P &

Saturday, September 28th, 12-11P

Crab Festival


Friday, October 18th, 5-11P &

Saturday, October 19th, 12-11P

Voodoo Festival


Friday, November 15th, 5-11P &

Saturday, November 16th, 12-11P

Best of BOB Festival


Friday, December 13th, 5-11P &

Saturday, December 14th, 12-11P

Comfort Food Festival